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Rare Art at the Menier Gallery

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Exhibit Here presents Rare Art at the Menier Gallery 14th - 18th April 2015

 'Rare Art' will bring together the most innovative and thought provoking pieces by established and emerging contemporary Artists.

 Selected Artists: Samantha Hurley, A. Banu C. Schmid, Pedro Sousa Louro, Gidi Meir Morris, Sue Skitt, Nicola Keelan, Sal Jones, Nick Taylor, Sharon Stone, Raffaella Bertolini, Julia Keenan, Gordon M Scott, Jack Morris, Andrew Roy Thackeray, Laurence Chandler, Mark Lloyd, Malinda Prud'homme, Samara Couri, Arturo Garcia De Las Heras, Miguel Sopena, Jose Pablo Segura, Nectarios Stamatopoulos, Daniel Williams, Sophie Giller, Jess De Wahls, Sylvia Sofia Plumridge, Maria Giannarou, Lampros Kalfuntzos, Colin Foo, Caroline Reed, Lisa Smith, Catherine Sweet, Cathal Lindsay, Alison Stirling, Antonia MacTavish, Lolana, Gareth Jones, Parinita Khond, Peter Hanmer, Chloe Monique Tsan, Heather Burwell, Raffaele Coletta, Luke Williams, Connor Teague, Jono Cappuccino, Christine Lever-Green, Anna Arbiter, Louise Lindsay Williams, Tengjun Yan, Catherine Holt, Brendon Treeby, Maria Thatcher, Jack, Lee Blackshaw, Amrita Nanda, Charlotte Johnson, Lizy Bending, Sophie Green, Esme Horne, Linda Lipinski, Brett Barker, Hannah Lynes, Claudio Cassuto, Esther La'Montagne, Leila Bibizadeh


Current Exhibition

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Currently showing:

'59 Artworks' Exhibition, 59 London Wall, London EC2M 5TR

Exhibit Here, Leila Bibizadeh the Curator, and Moderna Art are proud to present the group show: 59 Artworks.

Exhibit Here is pleased to provide a platform for Artists, both established and emerging. In celebration of creativity, the theme of this exhibition was left open-ended to draw diverse pieces into conversation with each other.

Selected Artists: Charles Bran, Raffaella Bertolini, Veton Gusia, Sal Jones, Meng Ni Beh, Helen Lord, Brett Barker, Tom Davis, Nick Taylor, Valentino Burdino, Marco Dall'Omo, Andy Wild, Ravi Menghani, Naya Eleftheriou, Carrie Ravenscroft, Dominic Bradnun, Alison Stirling, Lizy Bending, Matt Morris, Luis Elvira-Sierra, Alvaro Tamarit, Kin, Kev Paxton, Gareth Jones, Rossella Spoto, Belgin Bozsahin, Esme Horne, Leila Bibizadeh

5th - 19th November 2014


Week One: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (11.30am - 5.00pm)

Week Two: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (11.30am - 5.00pm)

Week Three: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (11.30am - 5.00pm)

Venue: 59 London Wall, London EC2M 5TR


Review Ian The Architect

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Be amazed at the Art Maze at the Barge House at the Oxo Tower London

By Ian Caldwell on 19/12/2015

Crumbling concrete, powdering plaster, rusty steelwork, peeling paint and boarded-up windows, yet only a few minutes from the swinging cranes and energy of redevelopment projects on the south bank of London. This is the Bargehouse at the Oxo Tower – the decaying industrial building which is currently showing the pop-up exhibition “Exhibit Here Art Maze”.


“Exhibit Here” is an online art gallery and curator of art exhibitions for artists to show and sell their work and to provide opportunities for networking. At Bargehouse, over 100 artists are showing a wide variety of work to create the “Art Maze” with many of the works having a relationship with the Bargehouse itself, such as the columns made of timber and tyres, reminiscent of wooden structures in the river, and the contrasting refinement of “Inside Illusion” by Larissa Bones, while Heather Burwell’s sculptures are magically silhouetted against the metal windows. Elizabeth Nash has included a watercolour of the skaters in the undercroft of the nearby South Bank Centre and Hsin-Chin Hung’s work “Winter” creates something new and quite delicate from many hundred broken shards while David Fines reworks different materials into something new but not complete; does this represent work which remains unfinished?


Street art is included by artists such as Adam Raid and georgie and Alison Stirling’s untitled work showing concrete decay resonates in this environment, while Samuel Capell makes a commentary on the decay to health and well-being in our modern society caused by addictions such as sugar and junk food with his works “The Seven Deadly Sauces” and “Please Sir, I’m Hooked”.


One day the Bargehouse may be redeveloped, but in the meantime it continues to provide a unique environment for such exhibitions as the “Exhibit Here Art Maze”, complementing the refurbished gallery spaces across the courtyard in the main Oxo Building.