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Our Latest Blog Entry


One of my Pylon paintings is now resting in the vaults of the Royal Academy awaiting the final round of judgement for the Summer exhibition 2019........

I am thrilled that my painting PYLON has been selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019. It is an absolute honour to be showing in the 251st exhibition, coordinated this year by Jock McFadyen. I am a big fan of his work.   

Varnishing day at the Royal Academy of Arts was excellent! Seeing all of the artists, the steel band, the procession and finally entering the gallery via the menagerie. 

I was absolutely thrilled to see my work in Barbara Rae's room. A stark reflection of environmental changes. She  placed my work in a most favourable position next to some great 'gritty realist' painters. The room is quite minimalist and gives the works space to breath. The larger pieces  remind me of some of the trips I have taken to Scottish islands, of those crisp watery breezes.   

Great! visited the gallery today to see a little red dot next to my work. It's not the money! I am pleased that PYLON will be on someone's wall. Weirdly sad to say goodbye to the painting.   

Our Second Blog Entry


Next week I will be exhibiting my work for the second time at the Espacio Gallery in Bethnal Green. The private view is on 20th June. Last year saw a few paintings off to new homes. This year I will have some of my power station pieces along side the pylons. The power stations were a result of a trip up to Ratcliffe  on soar. I went there specifically to photograph the cooling towers. What really struck me was the noise of flowing water. I've tried to capture 'liquidity' into the work. 

Come and see for yourself. 

Our First Blog Entry


Hello and welcome!


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